“Private room”, “Semi-private room” and ”Full Dinning reservation” are available.

Shirokane chez tomo has "Private Room"、"Semi-private room"  and "Full Dining" reservation are available for small parties and family dinner.

-  "Privae Room "maximum of four parties.

-  "Semi-private room" maximum of eight parties.

-  "Full Dining" reservation, up to twenty-four parties

Please contact us for any questions.  Tel : 03-5789-7731

<Lunch Course>
・ Four plates Lunch Course   3,456 yen<Dinner Course>
・ Six plates Préfixe Course    5,272 yen
・ Treat for dusk       5,000 yen
・ Haute Couture Course     9,180 yen

* Tax included.

Private room:
Semi-private room:
Full Dining Space: